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Flo Cycling – Flo 60

Company Flo Cycling
Product Flo 60
WebSite http://www.flocycling.com/wheels_front_flo_60.php
Details An extremely affordable wheelset (less than $1,000) that is as aerodynamic as sets 3 times its price.
Likes Price! 60mm depth and 24mm width combined with a toroidal shape creates an extremely fast wheel. Aluminum brake track lets you stop in a hurry.
Dislikes Not light by any means (almost 2,000g) and the spoke holes create a howling at speed that takes a bit to become accustomed to.
Articles First Ride – here
Final Thoughts – here
Awards  affordable_100x100

WheelBuilder.com – AeroJacket

Company WheelBuilder.Com
Product AeroJacket Disc Cover
WebSite http://www.wheelbuilder.com/aerodisc.html
Details Semi rigid removable disc cover
Likes An extremely affordable (less than $100) way to save time on the bike. Install in under 30 minutes.
Dislikes The cover does have some noticeable flex to it.
Articles First Ride – here
Final Thoughts – here
Awards  affordable_100x100


Flo Cycling – Flo 30

Company Flo Cycling
Product Flo 30
WebSite http://www.flocycling.com/wheels_front_flo_30.php
Details 30mm deep – 25mm wide aluminum clincher with a toroidal shape
Likes Solid training wheelset that balances weight and aerodynamics in an extremely affordable package. Rim width allows easy swapping between every day and race wheelsets.
Dislikes Could be a touch lighter.
Articles First Ride – here
Final Thoughts – here

Hawk Racing – 50 Clincher

Company Hawk Racing
Product 50 Clincher
WebSite http://hawk-racing.com/products/show/40
Details Solid full carbon wheelset (50 mm) with outstanding hubs.
Likes Hubs that spin forever. Solid hand built build quality.
Dislikes Average braking and aerodynamics.
Articles First Ride – here
Final Thoughts – here

Mad Fiber – Clinchers

Company Mad Fiber
Product Clinchers
WebSite https://madfiber.com/clincher
Details Ultra-light aero wheelset (60mm/66mm deep) that can climb and go the distance.
Likes 1299g total weight for a 60mm deep wheelset. Surprisingly capable in cross winds.
Dislikes Braking leaves a bit to be desired. Original titanium skewer could do with a bit less flex. Very Pricey.
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V2.0 Updates – here

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