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XLAB – Gorilla Cage

Company XLAB
Product Gorilla Cage
WebSite http://www.xlab-usa.com/products/rear-accessories/gorilla.html
Details A light-weight (39g) cage that will never launch a bottle on you.
Likes In thousands of miles of riding it has never launched a bottle. Comes in four colors so you should find an option to match your ride.
Dislikes It’s not cheap, and when you typically need to buy a pair of them, price can become a factor.
Articles AeroGeek’s Hydration Guide – Rear Carriers – here
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HydraPak Gel-Bot

Company HydraPak
Product Gel-Bot
WebSite http://www.hydrapak.com/gel-bot/
Details A bottle that combines the ability to hold liquid and gel in a single product.
Likes Allows those new to the sport to get used to consuming gels.
Dislikes It is not for everyone, especially those that are looking to handle multiple gels.
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Inviscid Design – SpeedFil A2

Company Inviscid Design
Product SpeedFil A2
WebSite http://www.invisciddesign.com/A2.htm
Details The first horizantal BTA system
Likes A completely configurable system that is easy to use and refill. Multiple ways to make it your own perfect solution
Dislikes It has a tendency to leak, and doesn’t come with a mount
Articles Review – here

Profile Design – AeroHC

Company Profile Design
Product Aero HC
WebSite http://www.profile-design.com/profile-design/products/hydration/all-hydration/aero-hc-system.html
Details A complete 2nd generation horizontal BTA system that includes a mount, bottle, and space for the computer
Likes When the fit is right, it is an easy to use BTA system that is easy to drink from, refill, and never launched on us.
Dislikes It’s not for everyone, especially those with shorter forearms.
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Torhans – Aero20/Aero30

Company Torhans
Product Aero20/Aero30
WebSite http://www.torhans.com/index.html#Anchor-AERO-49575
Details A hydration solution designed in the wind tunnel
Likes Took a great concept (the Profile Design Aerodrink) and redesigned it in the wind tunnel.
Dislikes Has a tendency to leak
Articles First Ride – here
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XLAB – Aero Cage Optimizer

Company XLAB
Product Aero Cage Optimizer
WebSite http://www.xlab-usa.com/aero-cage-optimizer.html
Details Allows you to position a bottle cage where you want it, not where the frame manufacturer forced you to
Likes Allows that extra bit of adjustability to make a good setup into a great setup.
Dislikes Bit heavy, a version in carbon fiber would be welcome.
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XLAB – Aero TT

Company XLAB
Product Aero TT
WebSite http://www.xlab-usa.com/products/frame-cages/aero-tt.html
Details A bottle designed to be downtube mounted without causing additional drag.
Likes Allows you to carry a full 20 oz. of liquid on the frame with virtually no effect on aerodynamics.
Dislikes Can be tough to grab from its cage at full speed due to the shape of the bottle.
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XLAB – Torpedo Mount + Cage

Company XLAB
Product Torpedo Mount + Cage
WebSite http://www.xlab-usa.com/products/aerobar-systems/torpedo-mount.html
Details A BTA mount and cage designed to be simple, effective and fast
Likes Easy to use and setup and also allows you to easily use bottles grabbed from aid stations.
Dislikes A little intimidating for first time riders who may have trouble drinking from a bottle in the aero position.
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XLAB – Wings

Company XLAB
Product Delta Wing\Turbo Wing\Carbon Wing
WebSite http://www.xlab-usa.com/products/rear-systems/delta-wing.html
Details A complete lineup of rear hydration solutions that should meet every athlete’s needs.
Likes From a single bottle minimalist solution, to the kitchen sink carry all option, XLABs has you covered.
Dislikes Can get pricey, specifically the multi bottle carbon solutions.
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