Holiday Gift Guide 2015 – Stocking Stuffers – $30 and under

Picky Bars – $2.75

Picky Bars are awesome little bars made out of real ingredients you can actually recognize and pronounce—we’re talking about good stuff like, dates, almonds, honey, and cinnamon. And the best part for those athletes among us who cannot eat dairy or gluten, you won’t find any of that here (bonus – they’re also soy free, too!). We think these are pretty darn close to something you’d made in your own kitchen wrapped up in a neat little package, ready to go when you are.


Clean Energy Patch – $9.99

We reviewed the Clean Energy Patch back in May, and since then, it has been a training and racing staple here at AG. Clean Energy doesn’t give you a sudden jolt or make you feel like you’ve just downed five espressos. This is the perfect wake-up call for your body and mind. Whether on the bike, out for a run, or doing some laps in the pool, you just feel a touch more alert and…well, happy.


Nathan Sports StrobeLight – $9.99

A good light is vital for riders and runners alike. The Nathan Sports StrobeLight is simple to use and stays put for your entire workout. For those looking to make sure their loved ones stay safe, the Nathan Sports StrobeLight is a great stocking stuffer.


Pedro’s Chain Pig – $28.00

The last thing anyone wants to do when they get home from a hard ride is to perform bike maintenance. Fortunately the Pedro’s Chain Pig is designed to make cleaning your chain a simple, no-fuss process. Oh, and if you’re sick of constantly finding degreaser all over your house, the Chain Pig features an extra large final sponge to minimize the mess.


Perfect Fitness Perfect Pushup Elite – $29.99

The off-season is a great time to be working on your core, and that doesn’t just mean crunches and planks. The upper body needs some love too. But if you are anything like us, you probably hate doing pushups.  The Pushup Elite can help to change that for you. Once you find the perfect arm and wrist angle, pushups become more enjoyable—and that makes workouts all the more effective. We’ve been using a set for the last six months (review coming soon!), and we can tell you that the Perfect Pushup Elite has worked exactly as advertised.


Fix It Sticks Original – $29.99

No one likes getting caught on a ride without the right tools if (and when) the need strikes. Fix It Sticks has you covered with a light, easy-to-use multi-tool that you can easily drop in your saddlebag. It’s also designed to give you all the torque you need to get things tight to continue your ride.


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