Holiday Gift Guide 2015 – Gifts That Show You Really Care – $100 – $250

Silca HX-One – $125.00

When it comes to the Silca HX-One, our Chief Editor may have hinted at it once or twice to those of us here at AG HQ. It may look like a standard set of Hex keys, but the HX-One should be the last set of metric keys you will ever need.  The HX-One keys start with S-2 Tool steel. The steel keys are then coated with thin-dense chrome, providing the hardest, most dimensionally stable finish possible for each hex key. Finally, each tool is spray-coated with a high-grip, high-visibility textured polymer finish for maximum grip and control. The entire kit is then packaged in a CNC machined Beachwood box with a magnetic closure system. This is the type of tool that will never be locked away in a toolbox. Instead, you can expect to find it on a loved one’s display shelf.


Bontrager Ballista – $174.99

Looking to kick your someone’s old stinky helmet to the curb? Why not surprise them with a new aero helmet to start the 2016 season off right. The Bontrager Ballista is one of the fastest helmets out there at a price many can afford. We with a Ballista from July – October and found it to be one of our favorite helmets on the market.


Cycliq Fly6 – $169.99

The Cycliq Fly6 is built to be your eyes in the back of your head. Combining a 30 lumen LED light with a 720p camera, the Fly6 will help you finish every ride safe. And if that isn’t possible, it will serve as your record of what happened. We found the Fly6 has no issue with aero seat posts (not always the case with rear-mounted lights). Needless to say, a Fly6 is a must on any AeroGeeks training ride.


TriRig OmegaX – $184.99

When it comes to brakes, there was a time when all you cared about was stopping power. But with the introduction of the original Omega, all of a sudden aero became a need as well. With the Omega X, TriRig has upped the game with a new design that is just as easy to work on as it is to use. The new Omega X features a magnetic cover to make access easier. It’s also compatible with a traditional single-post mount, Shimano direct-mount, and TRP U-brake direct mount standards. For those looking to give their favorite mistress (we really mean “bike”) an upgrade this holiday season, an Omega X can be the perfect gift.


PRO Toolbox – $225

Every cyclist should be able to perform the basics of bike maintenance. Now we’re not talking about recabling and installing a new headset. No, we’re referring to the basics of derailleur adjustments, brake installs and new pedals. While these tasks shouldn’t be too difficult for someone who spends a few hours a week on their bike, it’s still essential to have the right tools for the job. The PRO toolbox features a full Allen key set and a full torx key set, a pedal spanner, a set of tire levers, cable cutters, a flathead and Phillips-head screwdriver, cone spanners, a chain whip, 11-speed-compatible chain tool, chainring bolt tool and  a socket spanner (with bottom bracket, freewheel and cassette sockets included). All of which is included in a solid case that can be easily transported to any race site. For anyone looking to complement an existing tool bench, or maybe even start fresh, the PRO Toolbox will have you covered.


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