TriRig Scoop Arm Cups – (a very early) First Look

TriRig is one of the true innovators in the triathlon space and because of that – anytime they share some info on a new product they are working on we definitely want to make sure we share it with you. Today they shared out news on their new Scoop Arm Cups – a concept we have seen for the past year on Pro bikes and TriRig looks to be one of the first to make it truly age group accessible.

The TriRig Scoops

In the image above – the first two arm rests from the left represent prototypes of TriRigs new Scoops – both an open and closed back version. Both are crafted using a hollow carbon construction: anywhere the cups need strength and rigidity, they are solid carbon all the way through. Anywhere TriRig could save weight, they use a foam core to minimize the wall thickness.

The open back scoops dramatically increase the reach, arm wrap, and surface area of the cup compared to the majority of the market. At the same time, they also increase adjustment range with additional mounting points, slotted bolt holes, and keep the textured neoprene pad material of TriRig’s current Ergo Cups.

The closed back scoops share an identical ergonomic with their Open-Back sibling, but add a rounded cupped back which allows the rider to absolutely relax and lock in to the position.  They are great for almost any rider, but are especially good for high-hands or “tilted” positions. During TriRig’s test rides with the prototypes, they could hardly believe how much they changed the muscle recruitment of the rider, particularly allowing the upper body to relax into the aero position and concentrate solely on the power going into the pedals.

(The rest of the pads above represent previous iterations of past pad designs. From the right are standard pads using EVA foam. TriRig’s original (now-discontinued) cups for the Alpha Classic bar. These had lots of surface area for their time, and offered lots of adjustment, but were still limited in arm wrap, ergonomic shaping, and had simple cloth-covered foam pads still used by most cups on the market today. And finally TriRig’s current Ergo Cups. They are mated with TriRig’s textured neoprene pad that offers added grip and stability.)

In regards to pricing and availability – unfortunately no news yet. These are still very much in a development phase but something we expect to see more news on as races like Kona get nearer.

Our Thoughts

We are super excited to see these types of products come to market. When looking at arm cup design over the past decade there have been small incremental updates to current products but rarely would we call any of these revolutionary. Even the elongated open back design could be argued to be an iteration of current designs. But adding the rear scoop truly makes these a new product on the market place. We are definetly excited to see what these look like in a market ready for (and of course how much they look to hit the wallet). Until then make sure to stay tuned to for the latest news and reviews!

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