Zipp 30th Anniversary Super-9 Carbon Clincher Disc – First Look

The Zipp Super-9 is no stranger to our pages. We reviewed it way back in 2015 and even 3 years later it still routinely finds it’s way onto AeroGeeks editors bikes on race day. It’s a proven winner with a pedigree of UCI TT and Ironman championships. . In celebration of their 30th anniversary, Zipp is going old school. For a limited time, pick your color from their historical palette inspired by their first wheels in 1988—white, yellow, blue, and magenta—and then apply Zipp ImPress direct-print technology to inscribe your name (or short inspirational message) on your disc. (Please note, the name inscription is only for those ordering directly through

On top of that Zipp is also offering for the first time a Super-9 Disc, customized with the buyer’s name, in the NSW graphic pattern. It’s a perfect match for those riding NSW front wheels. The NSW-graphic Super-9 is available in rim-brake or disc-brake versions. You can personalize the NSW graphic disc with your name, too, if you order from

For those unfamiliar the Super-9 Carbon Clincher features a max width of 27.5mm with a brake track width of 26.46mm. This non-parallel brake track helps to smooth the airflow transition from the tire to the disc’s surface, which provides one of the major aerodynamic advantages of the wheel. The Super-9 also features Zipp’s Aerodynamic Boundary Layer Control (ABLC), more commonly known as the “golf ball pattern” (in this case, the dimples are found in 5 different sizes), found on almost all Zipp products. ABLC works to create a slight turbulence directly above the rim surface, resulting in a lower level of integrated drag.

The Super-9 ships with Tangente Platinum Pro Evo Brake Pads matched with Zipp’s carbon braking surface. The pads themselves feature an enlarged surface area and improved clearance to work with integrated brakes.


These colorful discs made their public debut being ridden to a world championship title in the team time trial by CANYON//SRAM Racing. Those looking to buy one can order it at today for a price of $2,875 (in either rim or disc brake versions).

Our Thoughts

For those that already own a disc wheel it’ll probably be a steep price to pay to either color match an NSW front wheel or to add a splash of color at the rear. (And we were really hoping that when we finally saw NSW graphics on a Zipp disc wheel they would come with an NSW hub and ShowStoppper brake track). But for those looking for a disc wheel you really cannot go wrong with a Zipp Super-9 and having one to perfectly match and complement your bike is icing on the cake.

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  1. I have to say (and I don’t like to be critical) but this is not a new disc, and IMO a really lazy effort. Merely some colour ways to entice buyers so that Zipp can clear old stock. As you rightly pointed out, they need to add NSW hub, Showstopper brake and tubeless; as well as trying to match the lower weight of the new Specialized disc. Then it will be worth considering

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