2018 Holiday Gift Guide – Maintenance and Up Keep

Let’s face it, bikes can’t take care of themselves. And even us triathletes need to clean our bike, lube it up, then pack it down for race day. And if you are like us – you may also find that a clean and organized tool bench is as much a work of art as some of the tools you will find inside it. These are the tools that will keep you fast on race day, and make your garage the envy of all your friends.

Finish Line Pro Chain Cleaner – $24.99

The Pro Chain Cleaner is one of the easiest chain cleaners we have had the chance to use. The top is easily removed for refilling, and our chain comes out super shiny after each run. The angled design really keeps degreaser from ending up all over the floor.

Abbey Bike Tools Wash Buddy – $55

The Abbey Bike Tools Wash Buddy will completely change how you wash your bike – it did for us. No longer do you have your chain draped over your chain stay. Or have to wash your bike wheel on. The wash buddy clamps firmly into the rear drop out and has the ability to not only hold the chain but allow for full crank rotation and changing of cogs. This allows you plenty of room to clean and inspect your drive train while washing your bike or doing maintenance. A full review is coming but rest assured you will be happy if you find one of these under your tree. Our full review is now up! And just as we predicted you will be quite happy to find one of these under your tree!

Silca Hiro Side-Lever Locking Chuck Carbon Steel – $65

The Silca Hiro has been in just about every holiday gift guide we have published and this year is no exception. It continues to be our go-to pump head in almost all conditions and another regular in our annual gift guide. And when it comes to pumping disc wheels, it is simply impossible to beat. It’s easy to use and fits in the tightest of spaces. We keep one with us as we head to any and every race, and yes, we protect it like it’s our first born. Yep, it really is that good. And this year Silca introduced a Carbon Steel version that dropped the price almost in half! (Maybe we should have made this a stocking stuffer)

Muc-Off Ultimate Bicycle Cleaning Kit – $104.99

Know someone that could use a little help keeping their bike clean. Look no farther than Muc-Off’s Ultimate Bicycle Cleaning Kit. Featuring Muc-Off’s Bike Cleaner, Microcell Sponge, Soft Washing Brush, Detailing Brush, Two Prong Brush, Microfibre Cloth, Drivetrain Cleaner, Bike Spray and Bio Wet Lube, this kit has everything they will need to ensure that their bike is a clean bike. And a clean bike is a fast bike

Silca Ypsilon Home Kit

The Ypsilon is the latest wish list addition for the tool bench for AG HQ. In a single tool you have a 4mm, 5mm, and instead of a 6mm you get ¼” bit collet with magnetic attachment. The Ypsilon Home Kit was inspired by our renowned HX-ONE Home Essentials kit and comes in a custom Birchwood box with a range of hex, Torx and driver bits that sit in a customizable foam insertion.

Abbey Bike Tools Pedal Wrench – $130

Like the Silca Ypsilon – the Abbey Bike Tools Pedal Wrench is another wish list item for the AeroGeeks HQ tool bench. It has a 15mm box end on one end and a custom 6 and 8  millimeter hex swivel bit on the opposite end it’s the only pedal wrench you’ll ever need. And those that believe a tool can be a work of art will appreciate a chromed tool steel wrench sandwiched with stained American white oak handles.

Feedback Sports Sprint Repair Stand – $274.99

We have been using the Feedback Sports Sprint Repair stand for almost a year now and it has quickly become our go to way to get a bike in for a quick clean and lube and we can avoid clamping down carbon tubes (we cringe every-time we have to).The highly adaptable fork mount will accept most axle standards including both front and rear mounting options. Adjustable height, 360 degree rotating platform, and secure front and rear mounting options allows quick access to any part of the bike without moving around the stand.

Kuat Sherpa 2.0 – $498

At one time or another you are going to need to get your bike from point A to point B. It might be the bike shop or the race site. But sometimes you can’t simply hop on your bike and ride it to your final location. Kuat’s updated Sherpa solves that problem for you. The redesigned Sherpa features a foot-activated pivot lever that lets you bask in the glory of carrying a bike or eating a breakfast burrito while unfolding your rack at the same time. We are just wrapping up our review of the Sherpa but like the Wash Buddy we can tell you that you aren’t going to regret the purchase.