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Fall is here (though the temperatures in South Florida make it a little hard to believe). And with October arriving, that can only mean one thing – Kona is just around the corner. We are definitely expecting some new product releases in the next few weeks, so keep your eyes on our pages!

As always, thanks for reading AeroGeeks. And if you want to see us check out something we haven’t yet, make sure to let us know in the comments below.   

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Rudy Project Wing57 Flip Up Visor

A few months ago, Rudy Project announced a new flip-up visor for their Wing57. The new removable visor sits in a secure flip-up attachment that is inserted directly into the helmet and folds upwards, making the helmet easier to get on – an ideal feature in T1. In the downward position, the visor locks into place thanks to discretely placed magnets, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit while the aerodynamics of the helmet reduce the chances of fogging and wind drag during long rides. Rudy Project made this a free upgrade for all previous purchasers (or $64.99 for those who want a 2nd/3rd option). And we just finished spending a little time with it.

The new visor is simple to use and a definite upgrade for the Wing57. Removable and flip-up visors are becoming an expected feature on new aero helmets, and with this new upgrade, the Wing57 is that much easier to use. The visor is simple to push up or down at the bridge of your nose, which is a welcome feature not just for T1/T2, but for when you get that nasty nose itch 40 miles into your race.  In the down position, the visor is secure with no noticeable rattles due to the magnet in the brow. Vision wise, the visor gets the same excellent optics we have come to expect from Rudy Project.

For those who currently own the Wing57, we would have suggested this is a worthwhile purchase. But considering you can get it for free, we definitely recommend you reach out to Rudy Project and get your upgrade.

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