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The holidays are just a few weeks away and hopefully you have already found the perfect gift for your favorite triathlete (or already asked your favorite people for the perfect gift). But if you haven’t make sure to check out our Holiday Gift Guide. We have the perfect gifts for all your endurance athlete needs.

Last week we got a chance to share our thoughts on the 3T Revo LTD. It definitely does not look like a conventional bar but then again that’s the point. This week expect to see us getting more reviews out including a look at Silca’s SuperPista pump.


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This Week

Wednesday – 3T Revo LTD – Limited Edition – Review

Safe Catch Elite Tuna

We’re always down for trying new quick and easy, protein-packed fueling options. So when we had the opportunity to give Safe Catch Elite Tuna a try, we were on board. Canned tuna is one of our go-to lunches when we’re pressed for time. It’s a super-convenient source of protein that we don’t have to put much thought into when we’re tired and just need to eat. But we’re always a bit wary of the higher mercury levels.


One of Safe Catch’s differentiators is the fact that it tests every fish’s mercury levels. If a fish doesn’t meet their standards, they don’t use it in their product. It’s as simple as that. What does that mean exactly? Safe Catch Elite Tuna is tested to a mercury limit of 0.100 ppm, which is 10-times stricter than the FDA limit. Now to be honest, we didn’t even know that one fish could contain that much more mercury than one just like it. But now that we know, that sounds like a pretty good idea to us.

What’s more, Safe Catch hand packs their tuna steaks to ensure all the nutrients remain right there where they belong—in the fish. And speaking of nutrients, each can of Safe Catch Elite contains about 2.5 servings, with 14 grams of protein per serving. But if you’re like us and can easily polish off a can in one sitting, that’s a solid 35 grams of protein per can. Talk about a great recovery fueling option.


So, how does it taste? We loved it. Sure, it’s still canned tuna. let’s be realistic here, people. It’s not a gourmet food, so let’s focus on what Safe Catch Elite IS—it’s honestly one of the best canned tunas we’ve tasted. We mixed it into salads, piled it on top of sweet potatoes, and even created some tasty tuna coconut cakes as well (seriously, they were delicious!).

Our one criticism is that it’s not cheap. But as we’ve said before, you get what you pay for. And in this case, you’re getting high-quality nutrition you can trust. Interested in picking up some for yourself? You can grab a 6-pack for $23.99 or a 12-pack for $41.99 (shipping is free). Safe Catch also offers a monthly subscription program, which will save you 12.5% on each 6-pack or up to 30% off each 24-pack.

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