Giant Pursuit – First Look

If you have been watching the Tour the past two weeks, you probably noticed something new atop riders of Giant-Alpecin. Called the Pursuit, this all-new helmet is Giant’s latest entry in the aero road game.

Pursuit team white straps

The Giant Pursuit

The Pursuit was developed through a close development program with Team Giant-Alpecin and Aero Concept Engineering (ACE) in France, which Giant tells us resulted in a complete aero advantage without compromising fit, ventilation, or light weight.

Pursuit team white front

Giant initially designed the Pursuit using CFD and then moved to ACE’s wind tunnel for final validation. Looking at the Pursuit, you quickly notice the large dimples to channel airflow from the crown of the helmet toward the rear. CFD simulations and wind tunnel tests show the dimples optimize average aero performance in various rider positions and wind directions. This minimizes drag for riders seeking an aerodynamic advantage and is designed to produce maximum speed in real-world rider positions.

05-06-2016 SIERRA NEVADA Giant Alpecin Tom Dumoulin and Warren Barguil  photo : Wouter Roosenboom

05-06-2016 SIERRA NEVADA Giant Alpecin Tom Dumoulin and Warren Barguil photo : Wouter Roosenboom

Because overheating is the quickest way to fall off the pace, the Pursuit features Giant’s AeroVent technology. This consists of strategically positioned openings in the front that act as “drag-neutral” intake ports, pulling air through the helmet and streaming it through deep, wide internal channels from front to back. The air is then pushed out the rear exhaust ports, creating a cooling sensation and a balanced climate so that riders can stay comfortable and perform better during their hardest efforts.

Pursuit team white side

Giant went with their Cinch Pro fit system that cradles the occipital bone, offering full protection, support and comfort. Its large scoop-like paddles protrude outward, offering adjustability. To ensure a perfect fit for all riders, the Pursuit is also available in Giant’s Western fit and Asian fit head forms.

Pursuit team white inside

The Element Strap System (ESS) also makes it easy to have a perfect fit. Made with TriGlide positioning dividers and LiteForm webbing, which is lighter and less susceptible to absorbing sweat, it provides a secure, comfortable feel right out of the box. And TransTextura Plus antimicrobial padding fights bacteria growth by pulling sweat away from a rider’s head and transferring it through the AeroVent exhaust ports.

Pursuit team white rear

Finally, to keep your noggin safe and sound, the Pursuit also features a cutting-edge impact protection design. The helmet is constructed with multi-density foam materials. The low-density foam absorbs energy from low-speed impacts, while high-density foam protects riders in higher speed impacts.

05-06-2016 SIERRA NEVADA Giant Alpecin Tom Dumoulin and Warren Barguil  photo : Wouter Roosenboom

05-06-2016 SIERRA NEVADA Giant Alpecin Tom Dumoulin and Warren Barguil photo : Wouter Roosenboom

All this in a package Giant tells us weighs just 250g (size M CPSC) and comes with an MSRP for the US at $230. European CE certified is available now, while US CPSC certified will be available in the fall around the September timeframe.

Our Thoughts

We have to admit our first thought when we saw the Pursuit was where does this fit considering Giant just introduced the Rivet last year (which we are currently testing)? Giant tells us the Pursuit is the ultimate in all-around aero performance. Overall aerodynamics are optimized to perform in a wide variety of yaw angles that are seen in typical riding conditions. One huge improvement is the ventilation, which rivals most traditional road helmets. The boosted ventilation helps keep riders cool during hard efforts and has a zero effect on aerodynamic performance. The Rivet will remain in the line and is positioned where it really shines; sprinting. While the Rivet also boasts great all-around aero performance, it is unbeatable in a head-down sprinting situation.

Pursuit line

To us, this means the Pursuit is a helmet that triathletes will really appreciate – it’s aero and well ventilated. The perfect “do-everything” helmet for those who are not going to have both a training helmet and a race day helmet. We really want to see how the AeroVent technology stacks up to a hot Florida summer, which is good because Giant tells us we should be able to get one to us toward the end of August (just in time for the continued heat of September).

Wrapping Up

While we haven’t finished our time with the Rivet, we can tell you that if the Pursuit is better ventilated AND lives up to Giant’s claim as a better all-around aero performer, we suspect we are going to like it very much. Be sure to keep a close eye on our Week in Reviews where we will show off the Pursuit as soon as it arrives in the AG mailroom (or you can always follow us on Instagram for the latest sneak peaks).

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  1. Any updates? Have decided to go with aero road helmet at Kona vs traditional tri helmet for both weight and cooling reasons. So, thoughts on the Pursuit vs LG Course vs Scott Cadence Plus?

    • Hi Gerry – unfortunately we have not yet had a chance to ride with the Pursuit or Cadence Plus so we cannot yet share our thoughts. Looking to change that soon though!

  2. worthless info…..what is the exact sizes available? in CM or inches…..this article is like a commercial

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