5-1-2016 WiR

Another quiet week here at AeroGeeks HQ. But thankfully the summer is coming, which means the Giro and The Tour. And then we have Eurobike, Interbike, and Kona in the fall. So maybe a bit of rest before the main event is a good thing. This week we did get to share our thoughts on FLO Cycling’s new-for-2016 FLO 90 Carbon Clincher – just in time for their first preorder (hopefully you were able to snag a set for yourself!)


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This Week’s Posts

Thursday – FLO 90 Carbon Clincher – Review

Current Reviews

SRAM Red eTap

This week we installed SRAM eTap on our Specialized Shiv test bike. While we only had the opportunity to get one ride in so far, that first ride went off without a hitch. The simplified single button shifting works exactly like we hoped it would. The one thing we have noticed so far is that, because the blips can be positioned wherever we want, we’ve quickly become obsessed with finding that perfect position. Needless to say, we suspect we’ll be rewrapping bar tape at least once or twice during this review.


AMO Transformer Series

We have been riding with the AMO sunglasses for a few weeks now. The Transformer series pushes the lenses far enough from your face so that sweat doesn’t end up coating them, but not so far that sun finds its way in. The frames are a bit on the bulky side, but other than that, we have no complaints so far.


Scott Tri Carbon Shoes

We enjoyed our first ride in the Tri Carbon’s this week and walked away (rode away?) impressed. The shoes are extremely comfortable with a roomy toe box. Our only one note is that we are still not fully sold on Boa for tri shoe closure systems.


Hincapie X2 Trisuit

The X2 was used for a bike\run brick this weekend. 50 miles on the bike and 1.5 miles on the run with no complaints. Ventilation was good, even as the temperature crept to the 90s.


Prologo TGale

The TGale finally made its way onto our Trek Speed Concept this week. We got a chance to get two rides in – a 25-mile interval workout and 50-mile brick ride. Saddles are always a personal choice, but the TGale’s shape provides just enough support in the back paired with a short nose that at least one of our editors is fond of. We are looking forward to seeing how the saddle keeps up after we start putting a couple hundred miles on it.


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