3-27-2016 WiR

Another busy week at AeroGeeks HQ. We finished our time with Infinit Nutrition, the Marc Pro Plus, and the Louis Garneau P-09. We were also busy checking in awesome new equipment in the mailroom from Hincapie Sports, Vision, and XLAB. We also made sure to rush it to the photo studio so you can check it out.

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This Week’s Posts

Tuesday – Infinit Nutrition – Final Thoughts

Wednesday – Louis Garneau P-09 – Review

Thursday – Marc Pro Plus – Review

The Mail Room

If you have been following us on Instagram you already have a pretty good idea of what’s been showing up on our doorsteps. But if you haven’t (and why aren’t you?), the week started with Vision. First out of the box was their new Vision TriMax Carbon SI aerobars. We are suckers for Vision’s carbon, and to us, the SI is basically functional art. Underneath the SI was Visions DS1 Drink System – the first of a number of BTA solutions that showed up this week.

Hincapie Sports sent us their Arrow Speed Suit and X2 Tri Suit. The Arrow came in size medium. And while normally that would end up in Devon’s testing backlog, once Mike tried it on, he was happy to report that it ran a bit on the large side. So Mike will be getting to spend time with it.

XLAB finished off the week with their new Torpedo Versa 500 and Torpedo Kompact. While we thought the Versa would be what the editors fought over, the Kompact actually ended up being the one everyone wanted on their bike – its small design but solid feel impressed out of the box.

nuun and the Conservation Alliance

We have been fans of nuun for quite some time now. The combination of great flavor and electrolytes with no calories has been a winning combination for more than one of our editors. This year nuun has partnered with the Conservation Alliance to create a custom 4-pack with a portion of the proceeds being donated to protect and restore North America’s wild places. The mission of The Conservation Alliance is to engage businesses to fund and partner with organizations to protect wild places for their habitat and recreation values.

nuun x conservation alliance packaging

The new nuun “hydrate for a cause” packaging represents the partnership through celebrating the natural playground both nuun and the Conservation Alliance seek to protect. The nuun Conservation Alliance 4-packs each contain 40 servings of nuun’s electrolyte tablets, including one tube each of nuun Active Hydration Lemon Lime, Strawberry Lemonade, Tri-berry, and Fruit Punch. The “hydrate for a cause” 4-pack is $24.00 and is available at all REI and other outdoor retailers across the country.

Current Reviews

Zipp 808 NSW

This week consisted of our final rides with the NSWs. Our goal had been some rainy rides, but the weather has not cooperated the past few months in south Florida. We’ve had sunny skies or pretty significant thunderstorms, with not much in between. And while proper testing is our goal, we draw the line at thunder and hail. But even without the time in the wet, the NSWs still impressed – regularly out stopping a standard 808 setup.


Recon Jet

A few weeks ago we mentioned that our Jets had trouble going even two hours before needing a recharge. Recon reached out and let us know that wasn’t even close to what they expected the batteries to be able to do. A few weeks later (and a new set of Jets), and this week we went 3+ hours on a single charge.


Pearl Izumi P.R.O. LTD Speed Jersey

The Speed Jersey is intended to get you from point A to point B with no compromises. We spent 50 miles this week with it and loved the fit and function. Its tight from top to bottom, and features PI’s aero fabric to make sure you have every advantage. The one thing we did note was that if you want to use this as a training jersey, be aware that you will need another way to wipe sweat off your brow. The form fit sleeves are meant to help you get someplace fast – not double as a towel.


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