Wahoo Fitness Desk – First Look

Anyone that has spent time with a bike trainer knows that riding for hours staring at a wall is even less fun then watching paint dry. Some are lucky enough to have a TV or computer in viewing distance, but the rest of us usually have to engineer some type of stand to hold our laptop or tablet. And now with Zwift becoming more and more popular, the need for your connected devices is even more important. Fortunately Wahoo, the makers of the KICKR and KICKR SNAP, know that and have a solution.


The Wahoo Fitness Desk was developed not just to be your trainer companion, but it’s also designed for multi-tasking. The Wahoo Fitness Desk can even be used as a standing desk for regular office use. Fully adjustable, the desk’s one-push operation allows users to easily optimize for and switch between multiple positions, both on the bike and off.


The desk features a slip resistant surface as well as a built in tablet and smartphone stand. To make sure you are never without power, there are built in cord holes for cable organization. And at the bottom of the steel frame are wheels for easy movement.


At $229.99 the price is a bit steep, so it may not be for everyone. However, for those looking for a clean and organized solution to their trainer needs, the Wahoo Fitness Desk may be just what you are looking for. Stay tuned for a future review when we some quality time in with the Fitness Desk, and see how it stands up to day-to-day training.

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