11-1-2015 WiR

It was a quiet week this week here at AeroGeeks HQ. And after Interbike, Kona, and the Miami 70.3, we welcomed it. This week unofficially begins our offseason here as well. All of our ‘A’ races are done for the year, so it’s time to start thinking about what’s next. That doesn’t mean we spent the week slacking however. We shared some in-depth coverage of Ironman Miami 70.3, and we also took a look at Silca’s latest offering and ENVE Composites’ 4.5.


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This Week’s Posts

Monday – Miami 70.3 – The Race

Tuesday – Miami 70.3 – The Pro Rack, Silca SuperPista Ultimate Pump + HIRO V.2 Chuck – First Look

Wednesday – Miami 70.3 – A Look at the Ventum One

Friday – ENVE Composites SES 4.5 – Review

The Morph Collapsible Foam Roller

Foam rolling has become almost as much a part of endurance sports as the actual competition itself. Ask almost any athlete and they will have their favorite roller and technique. But bringing your favorite roller to the race site (especially if you have to get there by air) is not always the most convenient thing. This is where the Morph comes in – able to go from foam roller capable of supporting 400 pounds to it’s flat, easy-to-transport configuration.


The Morph has a diameter (when expanded) of 5.5 inches, a length of 14.5 inches and weighs in at just 1.5 pounds.


The Morph will be launching on Kickstarter later this week, but for those who want to get in the know now, head on over to – http://bit.ly/1jQUVrC. You will not only be kept up to date on the latest Morph news, but also entered into a contest to win $450 worth of gear.

Update 1/7/2015

With the Kickstarter campaign now over you can head to Brazyn.com to stay up to date on the latest Morph news and preorder one for yourself.

Current Reviews 

Bontrager Hilo XXX Carbon Saddle

As we have been reviewing the Fuji Transonic, we have also been finishing off our time with the Bontrager Hilo XXX Carbon Saddle as well. The XXX Carbon is the lightest of the Hilo family and works great both on road bikes and TT. Our favorite feature so far is the material on the top of the saddle that helps keep you firmly planted.


Louis Garneau Tri-400

The Tri-400 is LGs top end shoe and after a few months in it we can see why. Extremely comfortable either in or out of socks we have been putting plenty of miles on them. Stay tuned for our upcoming thoughts.


Halo Belt

The Halo Belt is one of our favorite products for nighttime and early-morning rides. While nothing can guarantee your safety, we simply can’t imagine the excuses we would hear from a driver if they claim they couldn’t see us.

Perfect Pushup

The offseason is the perfect time to get back in the habit of completing our core workouts, and the Perfect Pushup is a great way to do it. For those who suffer from Carpal Tunnel, the Perfect Pushup allows you to complete pushups without putting pressure on your wrists.

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