SKLZ AccuRoller – Review

Warm-up and recovery products tend to be one size fits all. They either work for you, or not. And to be honest, we always thought that was just fine. But over the past year or so, we have started to see a change in that approach. Companies have begun to create different versions of their products (think stiff or flexible, firm or soft, etc.). But until now, we never saw a product that could actually adjust to not only the athlete’s preferences overall, but the specific needs of the athlete on any given day. Enter the SKLZ AccuRoller.


The SKLZ AccuRoller is a stick, stretch band, and roller ball all in one. Based on your needs for that day, or even just a particular stretch, the AccuRoller can easily accommodate what you’re looking to do. The AccuRoller consists of six separate massage balls (four small and two large) that are connected by a rod. At either end is a cap with a nylon strap.


The caps can each be removed to allow you to reconfigure the balls as needed. Looking to target the calf specifically? Or maybe the IT Band? Depending on what you need, the AccuRoller can accommodate. We tended to prefer leaving the two largest massage balls in the middle to target our calves, quads, and shoulders. But this is really a case of whatever works best for you.


And for those just looking for a good stretch, the two straps are perfect. We especially loved grabbing each strap behind our back to fully stretch our arms and shoulders. We also recommend lying on your back, looping your foot through one of the straps, and pulling up for a great hamstring stretch.


At $39.99 the AccuRoller isn’t the cheapest on the market, but being that it may replace your stick, stretch band, and rolling ball, the value adds up quick. In our holiday buying guide we called the AccuRoller a welcome gift for a sore triathlete. A few months later we think this would still make a great gift for any time of year—even if that gift were for you!

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