1-4-2015 WiR – We Are Back!

We are back! Two weeks off to enjoy the holidays and maybe let a pound or two creep on (yes, we needed that second piece of pie!) So let’s recap 2014. A quarter million Aerogeeks viewed Aerogeeks.com just under a million times—more than double what we had in 2013! We published more than 175 new articles covering some incredible products and exciting news. In case you were curious, here are the top 15 articles for 2014:

 2015 Felt Triathlon \ TT Lineup – First Look
Giro Air Attack – Final Thoughts
Cervelo S5 – Final Thoughts
Flo Cycling FLO 60 – Final Thoughts
Cervélo P2 – First Look
AeroGeek’s Hydration Guide – Rear Carriers
Specialized S-Works Evade – First Look
Cervelo P3 – First Ride
Cervelo S3 – First Look
Fuji Transonic – First Look
2015 Quintana Roo PR6 – First Look
2014 Felt AR – Wind Tunnel Data Analysis
Canyon Aeroad CF SLX – First Look
Specialized Shiv – First Ride
Reynolds Strike SLG – Review


What’s New for 2015?

2015 New Year celebration

Enough about 2014, it’s a New Year and time to start getting our race calendars in order and our reviews underway. It’s also time for us to share a very exciting change to Aerogeeks.com – advertisements. Now for many, ads may not be that exciting. But for us, it’s a huge step. For the past year, the team has deliberated over how to take Aerogeeks to the next step – namely how to get us to the top shows and races where the newest tech is showcased so we can better share it with you. While we have attended Interbike for the past two years, we also plan to begin attending Kona, 70.3 World Championships, and Eurobike.

With that said, we have added two ad locations to Aerogeeks.com. You may have already noticed them on the right- and left-hand columns. Of course we know running ads is a risk. How can we remain impartial if we are accepting money for ads? And because of that, we give you this pledge:

At no time will we compromise our reviews to save an ad. Our reviews have always been based on the products we want to train and race with, and we pledge that this will never change. If you ever feel we are losing that impartiality, call us on it. Our readers’ opinions are important, and we want to ensure we cover each product fairly and from every angle possible. Please help us make sure that doesn’t change!

Readers’ Rides


For those visiting for the first time—welcome! One of our favorite ways to showcase our readers is our Readers’ Rides album on Facebook. You can check it out at http://on.fb.me/12jEqE3. If you would like to have your bike featured in our album just tweet us at @AeroGeeksFacebook message us, or email us at info@AeroGeeks.com.

TAC for the New Year

Tommy shared his tips for keeping true to your resolutions, and while we aren’t exactly fans of how Tommy filmed this (keep your eyes on the road, Tommy!), we couldn’t agree more on his points. Whether you are setting goals for the year or just your next race, TAC has some great tips and tricks.

Concrete vs Asphalt

One of the great debates of our sport is if you should be doing your training runs on asphalt (the road) or concrete (the sidewalk). For years, we have heard that asphalt makes for a better running surface. Therefore many of us feel that the risk of running with cars is outweighed by the injury-lessening benefits asphalt can offer. Jonathon Toker did a great job breaking down the science of the debate over at Slowtwitch right before we started our break, but we still wanted to make sure you saw it. Head on over and check it out.

The Mail Room

Just because the team was on break didn’t mean the mail room wasn’t open for business. Profile Design sent us their new RML rear cage mount that allows for both dual and single cage configurations. Tracy received a Tempo visor from Headsweats. And finally, Smith Optics sent us their Pivlock Arenas with three lens options. We were able to hit the photo studio late last week, so here are some of our first shots!


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