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We always love stopping by the XLAB booth at Interbike—we’re always guaranteed at least one surprise. This year, XLAB has concentrated on their single-carrier hydration systems, as well as new value kits meant to help the new triathlete get their hydration needs dialed in.


The singe-bottle carrier, Delta 400, uses a new mount that eliminates the plastic “sandwich” design. Instead, XLAB has borrowed the solution from their own Turbo dual carrier that, in our experience, is nearly rattle proof. To go with their new Delta 400, XLAB is offering two new ways of carrying flat supplies. The Aero Pouch 300 wraps around the cage and can carry C02, inflator, tire levers, patch kit and a multi tool. And for those looking to carry Fast Air, the Aero Pouch will swallow it whole. The Multi-Strike Repair Holder can also be paired with the Delta and allows you to hold tube and levers on one side and two CO2 cartridges and an inflator on the other.

Kits and Value Options

XLAB is offering their Torpedo System in a new option – the Torpedo 50. The 50 keeps the bottle, straw, cage, mount and solid lid from the Torpedo System 100, but ditches the computer mount, bite valve, refillable lid and straw retainer. The 50 is available on its own for $54.95.


For 2015 XLAB is offering two new kits that make the Torpedo 50 their focal point. The Starter Kit pairs the 50 with a Stealth Pocket 100, Nanoflator and an Air Strike CO2. XLAB intends this to be their “Sprint distance kit.” For those looking to race Olympic distance races, the Intermediate Kit substitutes a Stealth Pocket 400 for the 100 and adds in a Delta 100, Multi-Strike Repair holder and doubles up on the CO2 cartridges.


New Mounts and Accessories

For 2015, XLAB is offering three new computer mounts as well as a bunch of new accessories.

  • The Space Saver mount mounts on top of the Torpedo bottle and is ideal for shorter aerobars, and it still retains the ability to act as a straw restrainer.
  • The Aero Computer mount is meant to replace the current computer mount and offers a more streamlined option.
  • The C-Fast mount is an aero bar mount.


XLAB is also introducing the Vestito, which wraps the Torpedo bottle and helps to keep your hydration 25% cooler. Their new Tri Tool Kit is a mini tool that includes a torx wrench (perfect for adjusting Zipp products) and fits all XLAB fasteners, including 8mm Nyloc nuts.

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