Cycling Kits for Women

Triathlete recently posted a great summary on several women’s cycling kits (you can read the full post via Triathlete here).

With the help of eight readers (translation: eight lucky ladies!), Triathlete compiled a thorough review of six different female-specific cycling kits, including Louis Garneau, SOAS, Betty Designs, Smashfest Queen, Pearl Izumi, and Sheila Moon.

Out of the six brands reviewed, I can definitely back the sentiments shared with the testers regarding Louis Garneau and Pearl Izumi. Both brands produce some seriously high-quality gear that I too would highly recommend.

I’ve been a fan of Pearl Izumi’s cycling shorts for a while for many reasons. However, I can agree with one of the Triathlete testers that called the Elite 3D chamois “bulky.” Instead, I’d recommend Pearl Izumi’s higher-end Anatomic P.R.O. Seamless 4D Chamois. Here’s a quick video for more detailed explanation about Pearl Izumi’s chamois design here.

And as for the remaining four manufacturers tested, I know I’m looking forward to giving their gear a try soon.

Kudos to Triathlete for the great reviews!


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